What Paint Colors Should You Use To Sell Your House In Baltimore?

What upgrades and renovations should you make to your house before you put it on the market? The consensus among real estate pros is that you should do only those things that add value to your house, that offer a good return on the investment. And painting is one of those. Painting is fairly inexpensive, … Continued

5 Things You Can Do To Make Your House Stand Out In Baltimore

You know that when you sell your home, you have to make it as appealing to buyers as possible. But that’s not always an easy task when there are other homes in the neighborhood with similar – or even the same – features. Your job then becomes making your home stand out from all the … Continued

How To Showcase Your Neighborhood When Selling Your House in Baltimore!

Today, selling a house is about much more than the house, especially where millennials are concerned. It also involves some savvy marketing to make your house stand out from the competition for sophisticated and discerning buyers. Although slowing, demand is still strong, and supply lags behind demand. In 2019, buyers look at much more than … Continued

5 Ways Selling A House Will Be Different In Baltimore This Summer

Late 2019 and early 2020 looked very promising for home sellers. But then everything slid sideways when the coronavirus came on the scene. Listings have dropped and sales have decreased, and the very process of selling a house has changed. But it’s not all doom and gloom, and, in fact, by late summer home sales … Continued

5 Things To Look For In A Baltimore Lender

“Did you just say you’re thinking about buying a house?” With that one simple acknowledgment that you are ready to start looking, mortgage lenders seem to pop up everywhere. And while it is nice to have choices, making a good choice is hard, especially if some of those choices are family or friends. Don’t get … Continued