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Look No Further! We’ve got the latest and most up to date/accurate feed of Mays Chapel Homes For Sale. From the schools to the proximity yet serenity of living in the Mays Chapel Hills of Lutherville MD, It is truly a one of a kind place to live and why I feel so many stay once they move. It is truly like a best kept secret that should be more common knowledge.


  • Mays Chapel MD has some Amazing places to Dine and eat out and none of them are too far away.
  • Some of The Best Running neighborhoods, safe sidewalks and wide roads where drivers do not speed.
  • Plenty Of Variety for anyone who wants a Home, Condos, Single Family and Townhomes all come with their own flavor and styles to fit all profiles.
  • Close to the beltways and major highways
  • One of the best Chinese Restaurants Joey Chieu’s at Greenspring Station.
  • Plenty of Gyms including ACAC Atlantic Coast Athletic Club ( My Family and I Belong Here) Brick Bodies and much more all a mile away or less.
  • When you move to the Area, you never want to leave.
  • Community Pride and comradery

Let us know is we are missing anything in your search for Mays Chapel Homes For Sale.



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Mays Chapel Homes For Sale






Wow. Hey guys, Jonathan Kirk here with the Kirk Home Group, coming at you with Mays Chapel homes for sale. If you’re looking for homes in the Mays Chapel community in Lutherville, Maryland, looking to purchase Lutherville Maryland homes for sale, this is the video that’s going to help you make that final decision.

So I’m a resident in May’s Chapel community. We live here in Mays Chapel Village and I just got done finishing a run here on a Saturday morning and just wanted to take the time to just express my gratitude for this community. How awesome living in Mays Chapel, Lutherville, Maryland is. It’s a blessing, it truly is. I’ve been here since June of 2018, my wife and I, we purchased a property in Mays Chapel Village and we were previously renting in the Mays Chapel community. We’re renting a townhouse and we loved living there so much that my parents moved right down the street and just overwhelming sense of community feel.

For Halloween, all the kids from surrounding neighborhoods comes to this neighborhood to trick or treat. As you can see, it’s got really wide streets and sidewalks. So it’s an amazing community for runners. I know a lot of people don’t like to run on the street, I personally do like to run on the street, think it’s softer than the sidewalk here, the concrete, but it’s a lot safer to be on the concrete.

But there’s amazing paths, even when there are not sidewalks, you could still run on the street. We’re so close to everything. York Road is just over that way, Falls road, 83 corridors is just south over there. And you’re literally a hop, skip and a jump away from heading down to Baltimore City, which we’d like to go to. I work a lot in the city as well, but I got to be honest. It is nice to come out into the county once you cross over that Northern Parkway line.

If you’re coming back into the county, making your way back up into your home here in Lutherville, Maryland, the Mays Chapel community. There’s just something very special about it. There’s a lot of nature, which I like to see outside my window. My townhouse is just right over there. But when we look outside our window, all we see is nature and wildlife and it’s just really relaxing to be able to come home, have your own little slice of paradise here in Mays Chapel community in Lutherville, Maryland.

And be just a couple minutes away from everything that you need. We have the outdoor mall, Timonium Fairgrounds, you name it. It’s one of the best places to live and it was rated the number three place to retire in the whole state of Maryland. Not that I’m looking to retire anytime soon, but it’s just very peaceful and relaxing. So if you are looking for homes in the Mays Chapel community of Lutherville Maryland, go ahead and click the link below.

I’m going to give you a free updated list, which is updated daily of the most accurate information of homes for sale here in the Mays Chapel community. Of course, if you need anything or have any questions pertaining to buying or selling real estate in the state of Maryland and especially in the Mays Chapel, Lutherville, Timonium communities, please don’t hesitate to call me.

You can reach me anytime, text or phone, (443) 928-4550 or email me at And for more information, you can visit And again for the most updated and accurate list of information for Mays Chapel homes for sale, go ahead and click the link below. Have a great day, guys, see you soon.

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