7 Cheap Alternatives To Expensive Home Repair in Baltimore

Sometimes owning a home isn’t all that much fun. Sure you love the weekend barbeques in the backyard and game nights with the kids in the living room. But when the plumbing starts to have problems or dry rot is destroying your window sills, home repairs get you down. They are often expensive with a … Continued

Maryland Closing Costs Explained

Buying a house involves spending many thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, of dollars. And then there are, of course, the closing costs, which can run as much as 5% of the loan. But with a little preparation and some guidance from qualified real estate professionals, you can navigate closing fairly painlessly. So in order that … Continued

Work From Home? What You Should Look for In Your New Baltimore House

Today, especially since the advent of COVID-19, more and more people are working from home, either by choice or from necessity. Many of these people who have had working from home suddenly and unexpectedly thrust upon them are working under less-than-ideal conditions. If you’re one of them and already own your home, there may not … Continued

Selling Your Baltimore House? Here’s What To Expect at The Closing Table

So the end of the long process of selling your Baltimore house is finally in sight. You’re through with the showings, you’ve accepted a buyer’s offer, and negotiations have been completed. But the final, irreversible step remains – closing. If you’re a little anxious about that, here’s what to expect at the closing table. What … Continued

Getting The Best Price for Your House This Fall in Baltimore

No matter what, clients always want to get the best deal possible. It goes without saying that you want to get the best price you can for your house, and you probably also want to sell it as quickly as possible. And if you’re not listing during the spring season, but instead during fall, that … Continued

Autumn Themed Open House Ideas for Baltimore Properties

Yes, we all know that spring is typically the best season for real estate in general and house sales in particular. Also that most people think the market is slowing down during this time of year. This is not the case for us, espcially with COVID among us for who knows how much longer. Still, … Continued